◎ Our company offers a one-year warranty for struts and management, and any additional purchases or upgrades do not extend the warranty period.

◎ If you have any issues, please contact the purchasing dealer first to expedite the overall process.

◎ Please keep the purchase details properly to ensure your warranty rights. Otherwise, the warranty will be calculated based on the manufacturing date (second-hand resale items are not eligible for warranty).

◎ When applying for warranty items, please send back the product to Prazis first. We will not dispatch any warranty items until we receive your product.

◎ Buyers applying for warranty items are responsible for the round-trip shipping costs. Prazis can arrange FedEx pickup and delivery services, but the buyer needs to make the payment in advance.

◎ Products that undergo repairs, modifications, or disassembly without authorization from the headquarters will lose their warranty eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact the purchased dealer.

◎ Products within the warranty period enjoy free testing. For products outside the warranty period sent back to the headquarters for testing and repair, testing fees may be charged depending on the situation.